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One of the most difficult parts of being Pagan is raisingA Safe Home For All a child to be Pagan.

In today's modern society, our children are constantly assaulted by images of different religions, each being portrayed as being the "One Way". The question which is raised, then, is why is our way right? With accusations of devil-worship and sacrifice from many sides, how can we ensure that our child, the product of our love, grows up healthy, well-rounded, and with a strong sense of self?

Religion seems to be such a private matter until the time comes to educate our children. Couples have split up and families have been separated by such decisions. We have come to expect religious freedom in this country yet most of us are aware that we are a small minority that are oft times regarded by the majority of monotheists at best as the persistent reminants of a primitive cult that was rightfully stamped out centuries ago, or at worst (and wrongly) as a warped opposite of Christianity.

Having a child can polarize your ideas about Paganism and how it is practiced. You may feel ready and able to defend your views and publicly be known as a pagan but the idea of sending your tiny innocent out into the big world where the child may suffer discrimination from adults or his/her peers for having strange holidays and different customs will daunt the staunchest amoungst us. How can we be proud pagans while granting our children the trusting childhood that a child of nature deserves?

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Tarot for Children (reprinted from The Blessed Bee)

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